Social Event

Please notice: Please contact the Conference secretariat to book your seat.

Price: 70€ per person.

For this visit is advisable to use comfortable shoes and clothes.


This Social event will include visits to three beautiful viewpoints of Madeira Island, namely Pico do Arieiro, Eira do Serrado and Cabo Girão.

Driving up the mountain we reach Pico do Arieiro, the second highest mountain from the island (1810m).

Pico_do_Arieiro arieiro-4 madeira-050-pico-do-arieiro

Pico dos Barcelos will be the next stop, where one can get a fantastic view over the town, bay and surroundings hills.

pico_barcelos miradouro-pico-dos-barcelos Pico_dos_Barcelos,_Funchal

A twisted road, bordered with eucalyptus reaches Eira do Serrado (Lookout point at 1094 m) overlooking Curral das Freiras, peculiar village built in a deep valley, taken for centuries as the crater of an ancient volcano.

Eira-do-Serrado Curral_das_Freiras estalagem-eira-do-serrado

The visit will continue to Câmara de Lobos, a typical fishing village with its many colorful fishing boats docked in the harbor that inspired the late Sir Winston Churchill to paint its lovely surroundings and Cabo Girão, which is the highest sea cliff from Europe (580m).

camara_de_lobos_panoramica Câmara_de_Lobos_2 camara_de_lobos

Cabo Girão

cabo_girao personal_guide_portugal_7464  miradouro_do_cabo_girao_2012_novo_01


The social event will finish with a dinner at the Restaurant Vila do Peixe. Located in the heart of Câmara de Lobos, the Vila do Peixerestaurant overlooks this picturesque fishing village with its many colorful fishing boats docked in the harbor.

logo-vila_peixe index_6

The Vila do Peixe reflects the best traditions of grilling the day’s catch by the sea. Using only the freshest of fish, it is prepared in the simplest form (with rock salt and a little olive oil), and grilled over the open fire embers.


The environment is a mixture between modern and rustic, providing a very unique atmosphere. A large room, decorated in wood and darkbrown, gives access to the open kitchen area, where everything is done under the view of the customer.

An unforgettable evening full of new experiences!

The dinner will be animated by a traditional Folkloric Group.